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The Oracle of Poets is a 44 cards Oracle that features the wisdom of poets.

The Oracle is currently at its final phase of creation before final release.

The Oracle of Poets is a 44 cards Oracle that features the wisdom of poets.


The oracle’s structure is influenced by the Rider Waite Smith Tarot with two oracle cards representing  one Major Arcana card (2 X 22 Major Arcanas.) But more than just being a straightforward association with a specific tarot card, each oracle card are archetypes that can stand on their own wit their unique message.


My choice for each card to deliver a specific message was mainly driven with an overall vision of the deck as a tool to integrate more flow into one’s life, more clarity into one’s path and to be better equipped to confront life's challenges. Each poet in the deck acts like a key to unlock a specific door that hides a specific knowledge or wisdom, a specific talent or magical gift. The major aim of this deck, to quote Emily Dickinson, is for us to realize that, “Your brain is wider than the sky.”


You do not need to know Tarot nor be familiar with poetry in order to benefit from this deck. It may only enhance your experience to have familiarity with either or both. I’ve chosen poets to act as guides in this Oracle because none know better the “human condition” than them. From  beyond they can better share the lessons they themselves had to learn They aren’t ethereal spirits that come from far away realms to advise us. Their wisdom is very close and connected to our experience because they lived it. I picked poets because their "larger than life " human experience make them the best ambassadors of our hearts.



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Hello !  My name is Thom Pham and I’m a professional Tarot reader and deck designer. I live in  Paris and Budapest.


My professional background is as a graphic designer and I also work part-time as a caretaker for mentally handicaps that lives in a community home.


My experience with tarot comes from my mother that has been using it ever since I was a child. I always used the  Tarot as a tool that helps me navigate through life situations and helps me see things more clearly. My father was a famous poet in Vietnam, and I inherited from him my love for Art and poetry. My interest in Tarot grew more and more especially when I decided to design my own tarot deck. I’ve created the Heart of  Stars Tarot deck, a self- published, underground deck that features famous movie stars and movie scenes.

After this experience, I wanted to create an Oracle deck that would be a little bit different from those I ve been regularly using and that usually features Angels, fairies, Ascended Masters etc,. I wanted to created a deck that combined my love for Tarot and Poetry/Art in a deck : The Oracle of Poets.


Questions and answers.


Are the cards already available for sale?

No, not yet. I only printed samples deck to play around and refine the deck. I am planning a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the deck.


When will that start?

I will send a notification to all the people that have subscribed to the website mailing list or have downloaded the free Ebook.


How big are the cards?

The cards are  3.5" x 5.75" or  89mm x 146mm. They weight 330gsm. They are much bigger than traditional Tarot cards.


Do I need to be familiar with Tarot or poets to use this deck?

No, there are absolutely no need to know Tarot nor poets in order to benefit from the wisdom of each cards. But, this deck can be a good introduction to Tarot if one wants to learn the Major Arcana cards from Tarot. The Deck follows that same structure of the 22 Major Arcanas from Rider Waite Tarot. Each card explore similar aspect, or theme from a Major Arcana card. There is also no need to know about poets in order to experience the wisdom of their quotes. It can also be agood introduction to know some poets better. To know Tarot and poets can only add to the experience.


How were the illustrations of the cards made?

They were first all handpainted with watercolor, then scanned and reworked with the computer.

Some cards have more digital elements, other more handpainted elements to them.


What's the main purpose of this deck?

It's main purpose is "Integration."


What's that?

To integrate, means to apply the wisdom you already know. I find that one of the most difficult thing in spirituality is the ability to apply all the wisdom we so often hear, understand and know deeply.

We may know that meditiation is good for us, yet can't bring us to do it for example.  I conceived this deck as a tool to better integrate one's deeper aspirations, to act a a bridge towards our "Higher Self."


Why did you choose poets? and how did you choose one particular as opposed to another?

I chose poets because they are the "spirits" closest to us. They themselves often struggled to integrate the wisdom they imparted, and had a unique talent to express deep feelings we all have trouble to put into words. No other "spirits" know better our human condition. They're not disembiodied or ethereal spirits, nor aliens from other galaxies trying to offer their advice while not truly comprehending our "All human too human" emotional processes. Poets are close to our hearts and it is the reason I chose them.


How I picked one particular poet over another was the most challenging part. There are countless poets, and I'm not a poetry nor Literary expert. I'm  biased in the sense that I mainly included poets that I was already familiar with. This project made me discover new poets, and countless amazing poets could have been included in the deck, but there was no way to fit them all in. I chose a poet  for a card according to three major criterias. The first was the quote, the wisdom imparted and how it fitted the deck's structure, and how it  represented an archetype. Then the life and personality of the poet and how it also represented an archetype was the second important aspect. And finally the "intuitive" aspect of the card linked with the illustration of their portrait was very important too. How am I feeling painting  them? Am i drawn to paint this poet? What does it make me feel? A balance of those three elements and how it all "felt right " in the overall structure of the deck is what made choose one poet over another.


Tarot can have negative cards sometimes... Is there negative cards in this deck?"


There are no negative cards in this deck, only sound advice.

The cards can be classified in 3 categories, cards that acts like positive affirmations, something that will amplify a positive feeling and help clarify a path, then other cards will share an advice that is more of an attitude to adopt about a situation, and other cards help you more to confront your "shadows", those can be more blunt, but are not negative.


Can you give an example of a "blunt" card that explore your shadow?

Dante's card: "Abandon all hope ye' who enters here!", this card is associated with the often dreaded Tower card in tarot and represents a shock, a crisis, some upheaval. Here the advice that you can read on the guidebook, is to not cling to hope so deseperately while you may have better options. Its messsage is that "while hope is usually seen as a positive thing, here it would be  of disservice." It would lead you more in a path of disillusion in your particular situation. It tells you that you need to confront your dark emotions head on rather than hide behind a hopeful mask.


Can I buy prints of the cards or posters?

This will be available soon.

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